Unified Sings

Unified Sings Flyer

Unified Sings is an initiative of the San Diego Unified School District VAPA Department that promotes wellness, connection, and collaboration through the art of singing. Anyone can sing, and science shows that singing makes us feel good both physically and mentally. In this initiative, all students and district staff will have access to positive music that encourages ensemble singing and confidence. [Download the flier HERE.]

"Singing is not about being a star or knowing how to do it well. It's about enjoying the gift of our voices and sharing them with others. We were born to sing. It's primal and it's tribal. Voice is the language of our hearts. It's how we express ourselves. And it's very important to our mental, physical and social well-being." --Tania de Jong, The Huffington Post and TedXMelbourne

"We're Gonna Be Legendary", by local composer Ruth Weber, is the headliner song of Unified Sings. Ruth and her daughter Emilia Lopez-Yañez are are classically trained musicians and music educators who make up the duo "Ruth and Emilia". Their music and interactive shows promote acceptance of others, being the best you can be, and making the world a better place. Ruth and Emilia are available for live performances; please see their press kit or website for more information.

Other suggestions for ensemble singing include:

"The science is in. Singing is really, really good for you and the most recent research suggests that group singing is the most exhilarating and trans formative of all." --Cassandra Sheppard, The Neuroscience of Singing

Research shows that singing releases endorphins, increases oxygenation in the blood, positively affects the immune system, and improves neuralplasticity of the brain. It lowers stress, improves your posture, and builds self-esteem. But most importantly, it's a form of expression, an outlet for emotions and identifying who we are in the world. And in a group, it increases our feeling of connection with others, collaboration, communication, and overall well-being. A few of the numerous articles about the science of singing are linked below.

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