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Peer Assistance and Review

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Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Program


PAR is an acronym for Peer Assistance and Review. PAR was signed into legislations in 2000 as part of the School Accountability Act, and developed locally through collaboration between the San Diego Unified School District and SDEA. The PAR Program offers a unique approach to supporting teachers. PAR is a support mechanism that enables exemplary teachers to assist their peers in subject matter knowledge and/or teaching strategies.


Consulting Teachers are credentialed classroom teachers. They strive to improve teaching and learning through direct support of classroom teachers. While they are not part of teacher evaluation, assistance is designed in consultation with administration. Support is individualized, and focuses on specific areas of instructional practice depending on participants' needs. Consulting Teachers and Participating Teachers meet regularly for support.


Voluntary Participation

Permanent classroom teachers who experience a grade level/subject change, or that would like to gain additional instructional strategies or classroom management techniques, may request support on a voluntary basis. Support is subject to caseload availability.

Mandatory Participation

Permanent classroom teachers, who have received a less than effective in any of the first four areas of their evaluation and/or an overall evaluation of less than effective, must participate in the PAR program.

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