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Core Values

Message from Operations Division Leadership

The Operations Division strives for Excellence in Service to Our Schools. We believe that as we develop our leadership, by learning and growing through a path of Relationships, Accountability and Results (see graphic below) we will continue to improve our service to schools. Through this process, in 2016/17, we established Core Values that are the foundation for all that we do.

Core Values Road Map; Our Path to Progress

Common Core Standards Dec 2015

Our Core Values

Trust, Empower, Professionalism, Teamwork and Integrity are about creating a culture of providing quality service within our organization, and across our division. It ultimately is a personal journey for each of us, deciding how we, as individuals, will choose to operate at work. How will our actions and behaviors influence the way we interact with our customers and one another?

We will continue along our path as we fully understand what it means to be accountable and hold ourselves accountable to each other and those we serve. If you have questions about Excellence in Service to Our Schools and the Core Values work, please contact any member of the Operations Division management team. We are excited to share our experiences.

Operations Division Contacts

Gary Petill
Chief Operations Officer (Interim)
858.627.7218 - Phone
858.279.3582 - Fax

Andrea O'Hara, Officer
Strategic Sourcing & Contracts

John Hensley, PPO Director
Physical Plant Operations

Joseph Florentino, Chief Police Services (Interim)
School Police Services

Frederick Espinosa, Director (Interim)
Food and Nutrition Services