Test Results by Site

San Diego Unified has partnered with UC San Diego to conduct COVID-19 testing for students and staff who are participating in on-site learning. COVID-19 test results will be updated on this page as they are received.

Each school is required to complete and post on their campus a detailed COVID-19 Safety Checklist, which was developed in consultation with the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, Public Health Services and is based on guidance articulated by the California Department of Public Health.

COVID-19 Test Results by Site and reopening safety checklist

School Testing Dashboard   COVID-19 Safety Checklist
Adams Elementary   View
Alcott Elementary   View
Angier Elementary   View
Audubon K-8   View
Baker Elementary   View
Balboa Elementary   View
Barnard Elementary   View
Bay Park Elementary   View
Bell Middle   View
Benchley-Weinberger Elementary   View
Bethune K-8   View
Bird Rock Elementary   View
Birney Elementary   View
Boone Elementary   View
Burbank Elementary   View
Cabrillo Elementary   View
Cadman Elementary   View
Carson Elementary    
Carver Elementary   View
Central Elementary   View
Challenger Middle   View
Chavez Elementary   View
Cherokee Point Elementary   View
Chesterton Elementary   View
Chollas/Mead Elementary   View
Clairemont High   View
Clark Middle   View
Clay Elementary   View
Correia Middle   View
Crawford High   View
CPMA Middle   View
Crown Point Elementary   View
Cubberley Elementary   View
Curie Elementary   View
Dailard Elementary   View
Dana Middle   View
DePortola Middle   View
Dewey Elementary   View
Dingeman Elementary   View
Doyle Elementary   View
EB Scripps Elementary   View
Edison Elementary   View
Emerson Elementary   View
Encanto Elementary   View
Ericson Elementary   View
Euclid Elementary   View
Farb Middle   View
Fay Elementary   View
Field Elementary   View
Fletcher Elementary   View
Florence Elementary   View
Foster Elementary   View 
Franklin Elementary   View 
Freese Elementary   View 
Fulton Elementary   View 
Gage Elementary   View
Garfield Elementary   View 
Garfield High   View 
Golden Hill K-8   View 
Grant K-8   View
Green Elementary   View 
Hage Elementary   View
Hamilton Elementary   View 
Hancock Elementary   View 
Hardy Elementary   View
Hawthorne Elementary   View 
Hearst Elementary   View
Henry High   View 
Hickman Elementary   View
Holmes Elementary   View 
Hoover High   View 
Horton Elementary   View
Ibarra Elementary   View
Innovation Middle   View 
Jefferson Elementary   View 
Jerabek Elementary   View 
John Muir K-12   View
Johnson Elementary   View 
Jonas Salk Elementary   View 
Jones Elementary   View 
Joyner Elementary   View 
Juarez Elementary   View 
Kearny High   View
Kimbrough Elementary   View 
Knox Middle   View 
Kumeyaay Elementary   View
La Jolla Elementary   View
La Jolla High   View 
Lafayette Elementary   View 
Language Academy   View
Lewis Middle   View
Lincoln High   View
Linda Vista Elementary   View
Lindbergh/Schweitzer Elementary   View 
Logan Memorial Education Complex   View 
Loma Portal Elementary   View
Longfellow K-8   View 
Madison High   View 
Mann Middle   View
Marcy School    View 
Marshall Elementary   View
Marshall Middle   View 
Marston Middle   View 
Marvin Elementary   View 
Mason Elementary   View 
McKinley Elementary   View 
Millennial Tech Middle   View 
Miller Elementary   View
Mira Mesa High   View 
Miramar Ranch Elementary   View 
Mission Bay High   View 
Montgomery Middle   View 
Morse High   View
Mt. Everest Academy   View 
Mountain View K-8   View 
Muirlands Middle   View 
New Dawn    View 
Normal Heights Elementary   View
Nye Elementary   View 
Oak Park Elementary   View
Ocean Beach Elementary   View 
Pacific Beach Elementary   View 
Pacific Beach Middle   View 
Pacific View Leadership Elementary   View
Paradise Hills Elementary   View 
Penn Elementary   View 
Perkins K-8   View 
Perry Elementary   View 
Pershing Middle   View 
Point Loma High   View 
Porter Elementary   View 
Rodriguez Elementary   View 
Rolando Park Elementary   View
Roosevelt Middle   View 
Rosa Parks Elementary   View 
Ross Elementary   View 
Rowan Elementary   View 
San Diego High   View 
San Diego High School of Business and Leadership    View 
San Diego High School of International Studies    View 
San Diego High School of Business and Teach    View 
San Diego MET - UCSD Testing unavailable   View 
San Diego SCPA   View 
Sandburg Elementary   View 
Scripps Ranch High   View 
Sequoia Elementary   View 
Serra High   View 
Sessions Elementary   View
Sherman Elementary   View 
Silver Gate Elementary   View 
Spreckels Elementary   View 
Standley Middle   View 
Sunset View Elementary   View
Taft Middle   View
Tierrasanta Elementary   View 
Toler Elementary   View
Torrey Pines Elementary   View 
TRACE - UCSD Testing unavailable   View 
Twain High   View 
University City High   View 
Valencia Park Elementary   View 
Vista Grande Elementary   View 
Walker Elementary   View 
Wangenheim Middle   View 
Washington Elementary   View 
Webster Elementary   View 
Wegeforth Elementary   View 
Whitman Elementary   View 
Wilson Middle   View 
Zamorano Elementary   View 



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