Find Your Military School Liaison

Military School Liaisons from Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard installations assist families with the unique challenges that military children face such as school transition, deployments, and differences in curriculum between schools.

Find Your Military School Liaison





Carol Beville

(619) 553-8290

Naval Base Point Loma

Carol Burton

(858) 577-6633

MCAS Miramar

Stacey Bengtson

(858) 349-7678

Naval Base San Diego

Kristi Terry

(858) 577-8625

MCAS Miramar

Patty Kalaye

(619) 524-8032

MCRD San Diego

Jennifer Conole

(619) 278-7117

United States Coast Guard

Jacqueline Cajina

(619) 524-8104

MCRD San Diego