Academics Through Agency

Designing equitable learning conditions that prepare independent learners’ social, emotional, and academic agency.

We are a department within the Leadership and Learning Division, that focuses on accelerating academics by integrating social and emotional learning.

In alignment with the district vision, we will collaborate with school sites. Our work aims to:

  • Coordinate support for the school’s vision and existing School Plan for Student Achievement by threading the vision through the way quality interactions are planned and implemented at every level.
  • Transform classroom practices and all aspects of the school setting to be safe, collaborative, and inclusive by building physically and emotionally safe settings that utilize trauma informed care and restorative justice practices to foster strong alliances.
  • Intentionally teach specific social and emotional skills and competencies by integrating them in academic content and all aspects of the school setting, broadening the definition of student success.
  • Build adult foundational competencies by ensuring educators develop expertise in culturally responsive and sustaining practices: critical self awareness, warm demanding reciprocal alliances, and shifting power.
  • Align resources and activate expertise from the school site in order to develop sustainable systems and structures by supporting: health and wellness of the staff; positive climate and culture; and education of the whole child and all children.

QLIs and QTPs

A2 Framework

Contact us at:
4100 Normal Street, Room 2011
San Diego, CA 92103

Our Team
Academics Through Agency Team:
Jen Carpenter, Director
Jeralyn Johnson, Instructional Coordinator
Dr. Dulcinea Hearn, Instructional Coordinator
Esther Brown, Instructional Coordinator